bose acostimass 3000Television has become a centerpiece in any household living room or family room. Whether you’re a sports fanatic or a movie junkie, you want your television to have the best possible sound experience. You want more than room-filling sound. A good speaker set should be able to deliver the best harmonics, acoustic and bass. A good speaker system also places speakers in different areas of the room to fabricate a more realistic, immersive television watching experience. Buying speakers may seem complicated, but we’ve broken it down to make your decision an easy one. We will go over the different types of television speakers so that we can more comprehensively cover the best wireless speakers for TV. Then, we will discuss the different available brands and their respective reputations and histories, so you can better get to know the market. Next, we will list the best top ten speakers for television sets, with reviews for the first top five so you can get to know the products that are out there that meet your personal needs best.

Types of Wireless Speakers

Bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers are usually set to the left and to the right of the television set to create a more immersive sound with more depth while watching television. While bookshelf speakers typically have less of a bass response, their compact size enables you to place them in small spaces, such on a bookshelf. These speakers can be used as rear speakers for a surround sound system, which we will discuss in more depth later in this section. The speakers’ placement on stands or shelves aims the sound at the ear because of the benefit of the added height.

Center-channel speakers

It is always best when building a home theater speaker system to begin with a high-quality center-channel speaker. Then, you can work outward from this point. This type of speaker best produces those mid-range frequencies like dialogue, that you will want to hear over the music and sound effects of the television. Sometimes called a soundbar, this speaker goes in a central position below your TV. This piece works well on its own, projecting sound from the center of the television for optimal experience anywhere in the room. It also serves as a fantastic addition to a surround sound home theater set up. This piece alone can be a great option for a wireless speaker for TV.

Floor speakers

Like bookshelf speakers, floor speakers provide sound from the right and from the left. Best for sound effects, floor speakers help to bring you in the action, making for a more realistic television watching experience when watching shows and movies. Floor speakers are a must for adding depth to any home theater setup, and can be used in tandem with bookshelf speakers from behind the seating area to create a surround sound setup. These are great for people with larger televisions, as you can place them optimally to spread out the sound. If you are listening to music on your television, these speakers will provide the stereo aspects of the music.


Subwoofers are made to deliver the rich bass tones for your speaker setup. Subwoofers have that deep bass that provides a realistic feeling to TV shows and movie sound. They also provide a rich bass for music listening. The closer the subwoofer is placed to a corner in your home, the more bass it will produce, so you should try out different placements to see what sound you like best, and from where.

Surround speakers

By combining different types of speakers you are able to expand your system with different placements of speakers both behind and at the sides of your home theater area. This offers the most immersive possible experience, with sound that creates perfect ambiance when you’re playing a video game or watching a movie. Bookshelf speakers are great for providing sound from the back for a surround sound system, while floor speakers work well for side sound, and a soundbar will complete the experience from the front. A subwoofer also fits in well in a surround sound system, completing the experience with a crisp bass to compliment the acoustic aspects that bookshelf and floor speakers are stronger with.

Top Brands For Wireless Speakers


Bose is a well-established, high-end brand that specializes solely in audio products. Known for their slogan “Better Sound Through Research”, Bose boasts the most up-to-date technology on the market. Through their continuous research, they are able to continually refine and improve the sound on their wide range of audio products including headphones and speakers for all kinds of uses such as general home use, portable bluetooth speakers, and yes, some of the best speakers for television around. Bose has a variety of speakers, many of them utilizing Bluetooth capability to eliminate the need for unsightly wires all over your living room. Bose has some especially remarkable soundbar speaker sets, providing realistic, rich sound from the front of the television. Bose also has many speakers that could be used in tandem with a soundbar for a surround sound home theater setup, such as bookshelf speakers and floor speakers.


Logitech has been around for more than 35 years making some of the best technology available today on the market. Logitech is a Swiss-based brand that offers a large variety of products, including speakers. Logitech also makes computer products such as mice, keyboards, webcams, and a wide range of gaming equipment. Logitech is known for their superb surround sound sets, as well as selling high-quality individual pieces such as floor and bookshelf speakers.


Samsung is an affiliate company with over 78 businesses working with them to develop new products. Samsung has worked for 70 years with a diverse range of products in advanced technology, including smartphones, computers, computer accessories, and audio products. Samsung is an electronics business dedicated to sustainability and has charitable projects to give back to communities. Through innovation and research Samsung often leads the field in technology advancement. Their speakers, accordingly, are known for their high-quality, balanced, crystal-clear sound.

Top 5 Wireless Television Speakers Review

1. Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1 Channel 1000-Watt 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System

The Samsung Blu-Ray Home Theater system certainly didn’t make it to the top of our list by accident. This luxurious surround sound system has everything you could want from a home theater, making your living room the ultimate spot for entertainment. Delivering the best sound on the market, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss, whether you primarily watch TV alone, with family, or with guests, or whether you’re a movie fanatic, or a gamer. The set comes with two front speakers, which can be placed on a shelf or a stand on the left and the right of the seating area to optimize your immersion. The set also comes with two smaller satellite speakers, perfect for a bookshelf speaker behind the seating area. The Samsung Home Theater System also includes a central speaker, a subwoofer, and a 3D Smart Blu-Ray player with Wi-Fi connectivity. A remote is also included to control the speakers and the Blu-Ray player. This system uses Bluetooth technology, eliminating the need for cords crowding your living or family room and streamlining your ability to change the speakers’ settings individually.

2. Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System, External TV Speakers

The Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System is an incredibly compact surround sound system. Included is a sleek subwoofer, four compact speakers, and one separate central speaker. The four speakers can be used in the surround sound system placed with two in front of the television seating area, and two behind, to maximize the immersion of your home theater experience. These speakers deliver excellent sound, and can be placed on bookshelves or stands. This will allow the speakers to be at the best height so the sound can reach your ears more directly. These speakers provide most of your sound effects The central speaker rounds out with a balanced sound, delivering much of the dialogue in your sound system when watching movies or shows. The subwoofer provides deep, clear, booming bass. The placement of the subwoofer is up to your preferences. The closer the subwoofer is to a corner, the more bass it will produce, so that is something to keep in mind when choosing your placement.  

3. Samsung HW-J250 80 Watt 2.2 Channel Audio Soundbar

The Samsung Channel Audio Soundbar is best placed directly under your television. The soundbar is wide, optimal for spreading out sound over the seating area. A main feature of this speaker is its use of Clear Voice technology, which makes it optimal for watching shows and movies as the voices come in crystal clear above the distinct sound effects this soundbar also delivers. This soundbar has built-in woofers, eliminating the need for a subwoofer to deliver powerful bass. The bass from this speaker is crisp, clear, and rich, balancing the acoustic in perfect harmony. A good bass sound adds depth and drama to your television-watching experience. This speaker can be mounted on a wall under your television as well, if you have your television hung up. It performs superbly on its own, or makes a great addition to a surround sound home theater setup as a central port for your sound system.  

4. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

The Bose Companion 2 Multimedia Speakers offer high-quality sound at any volume. The perfect compact size to function as bookshelf speakers, these are great placed at a high level in front of the television or primary use, or behind the seating area for use in tandem with other speakers for a surround sound experience. Utilizing what Bose has coined as TrueSpeaker technology, these speakers have a sound that is very realistic and lifelike, a great option for an immersive experience while watching a movie, show, playing video games, or listening to music. You won’t just hear your television, you’ll feel it with these incredible speakers. The sound is room-filling and spacious. If you are using this speaker set with a surround sound system, it may be best to have a separate subwoofer, but these speakers certainly don’t lack the power to deliver bass tones on their own.  

5. Samsung Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (HW-K360/ZA)

Last but certainly not least in list of our top five best television speakers comes this Samsung Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer set. This sound system delivers, powerful, impactful sound with incredible bass production. The sound produced is clean at any volume and never muddy or fuzzy. You can enjoy all your favorites on your television just like you were really there. This set is a good compromise for those who don’t want a full surround sound system, offering wonderful centralized sound from the center-channel soundbar speaker and an extra kick of bass from the subwoofer. The subwoofer is wireless, allowing you to enjoy your home theater without the presence of a million unsightly cords. This setup is also good for a foundation for a full surround sound home theater. Just add satellite speakers, either bookshelf, floor speakers, or both, and you have a full surround sound system!  

6. Logitech Z333 80 Watts Multimedia Speakers


7. Logitech Z625 Powerful Thx Sound 2.1 Speaker System


8. Bose Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module


9. Samsung TW-J5500 2.2 Channel 350 Watt Wired Audio Sound Tower 


10. Samsung SWA-8000S 2.0 Channel 80 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar Accessory



When it comes to your home sound system for your television, you simply want the best out there. Don’t waste time and money on muddy, mediocre speakers, or settle for the speakers included with your television. To really get the most out of your entertainment space, a high-quality set of speakers can be life changing. You’ll never want to go back once you’ve tried out the speaker set that best suits your needs and preferences. It offers a whole new immersive television-watching experience. Plus, wireless speakers for TV offer a clean, elegant look to the home rather than the crowded, cluttered appearance of wires. Bose, Samsung, and Logitech offer a wide variety of all types of speakers, from soundbars to subwoofers, all intended to deliver the best possible sound making use of the most advanced technology available to enrich your sound experience.